About Experiva India

Rise of a New Era in Exhibitions

Our forte is organizing B2C and B2C exhibitions, events, shows, conferences related to apparel and fashion at various beneficial locations. From notion to execution we promise to give the highest standards. India Apparel Expo is organized by Experiva India which is into organizing events, shows, Conferences related to apparel & fashion at various location. Shop cirkuit is an associate partner, which B2B e-commerce trading plaVorm for retailers that connects manufacturers directly.

Our Mission And Vision

Experiva India,looks forward to give a galvanizing experience to our platform members & clients through our high-powered approach towards making their collaboration beneficial. Professionalism and commitment at every step is what we clutch at our organization. We envisage raising the bar of the exhibition industry by bespeak professionalism, dedication, eminence and innovation of exhibition organization. By providing unprecedented experiences in business promotions, networking and conference forums, Experiva INDIA acts as a motivation back for the towering growth & enlargement of the industry.

Our quest is to build an ever-growing and driving company with patronizing customer service, high morality, tons of originality and a universal customer experience management. Collaboration, dedication and passion are the principle qualities that we possess.
Dedication, passion, originality and innovation are the vital values of our company that have taken us till here. The attempt to extend at every step and to serve the high standard with magnificence has been our muscle.

Building Victory Stories

                                                           The Journey Of Experiva India

Experiva india has gained immense pace in a very short span of time by its remarkable and commendable work execution.
Our team focus is on building businesses by creating zestful platform.
We pledge to organize world class exhibition which turns out to be advantageous for our clients.

Experiva India recently organized India Apparel Expo which is a newfangled member of B2B event that aim at heightening the domestic textile and apparel industry of India, Indian Apparel Expo concluded on a tremendously positive and constructive note with over 1,500 visitors. The show took place on 11th FEB,19, at NCUI Auditorium Hauz Khas, New Delhi. IAE is a party line for the garment manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers,distributors, traders to intensify business by coming under one roof and webbing, so as to meet inherent buyers/suppliers.

The show came as a advantage to North India, particularly Delhi and the neighboring areas, as they have been looking for such a platform. The show indicatively served to small and large scale domestic garment manufacturers, retailers and brands. Around 20 participants from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ludhiana Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Surat, , Tirupur, Tronica City, Mumbai Chennai, and several other parts of India came to the show and unveil latest range in, ethnic wear, men’s, denim, active, sports kids and ladies.

The show also became an aspiring ground for many garment exporters who are innovating the idea of retail apparel segment of India. The exhibitors showed their triumph over IAE as it came up with new opportunities and made them in meeting potential clients from retail segment. Many well-official brands participated at the show and outlined a positive feedback.

IAE was visited by major top, medium and small brands, manufacturers, online retailers, wholesalers, distributors who source all types of garments for retail stores and e-commerce channels across India.